Golden Rules: (1.) Buying the number 1 crypto currency (largest total market capitalization); which has long been Bitcoin (BTC) was one of the easiest ways to enter the crypto-markets before 2018 began. However, in 2018 things are becoming more complex. If the number one coin ever becomes slower and more expensive than the traditional fiat banking system. Then choosing from the top 10 or top 100 (depending on how much the coins start to fill up and how slow & expensive the transaction fees become in the future) may be a better option via diversification. It seems as time goes on, driving away from the number one coin and toward the top 100 may be less risk if you begin to notice complications in time and cost when comparing the coins to the fiat system. Although, some traditional banks will act like a god with all the money from the town and tell you that you have to wait for a 10-day hold on some transactions; such as some checks or large transfers. Buying the number one used to be the easy way out, now you have to suck it up and try and figure out which ones will be the next number one through one-hundred (top 10 or top 100; depending on demand, price, costs, & time) that normally are less risk than the coins with hardly any total market capitalization. If there are 1075 coins and you pick the smallest of them all. You might wish you chose a larger one with more transactions and trust. (2.) Leave it alone (for the most part)! Do not try to become a day trader (moving it or flipping it may cause you to loose more)! If you leave it in the top one through ten or 100 over the long-run, based on the past multi-year trend (for the ones that have been out longer), it has been significantly rising for many of the top 10 or 100 coins! (3.) Protect your passw0rds & use a secure email server for powerful authentication (do not get locked out - make copies and do not label them on the end-tables). (4.) Expect your traditional banks to treat you like a mentally challenged-crippled-Jew under the Nazi regime (open a second & third bank account specifically for direct fiat to crypto coin conversions (if applicable) or just use Local in-person trading, because if you have non-crypto-coin traditional fiat money flowing into your account (i.e. a job with direct deposit) you might have to update your bank account details with your employer after the bank closes your account suddenly for policies that benefit traditional fiat money. Basically, expect the fiat-based bank account to close if you buy or sell too much via the fiat online banking system at your traditional fiat banks. Do not do anything illegal, just have multiple accounts so you can still have your income from your employer secured via traditional banking methods; which are not accustom to change. (5.) If this is your first year trading crypto currencies, you should strongly consider setting limits on yourself to protect yourself from losses; such as buying $333 USD max of the number 1 crypto currency, $333 USD max of the number 2 largest, & $333 max of the number 3 largest market capitalization crypto currency. If you buy any less than $333 you are really wasting your time and money; due to transaction fees; however if you place in too much you may not know what to do with it all, so it's more risk too. It's all very risky and you can loose it all in dumb mistakes. (6.) (USDT) is not necessarily a safe haven as the paper fiat USD is unsustainable; however it make be of some use during time of uncertainty in the markets. Although, it still is risky as it is not perfect and this is not a perfect world and everything has an expiration date on this planet. (7.) If you move your holdings during a flash crash, you may end up loosing it (if you move it away from the larger coins and may loose it often just moving it to something less favorable than choosing to not move it). If number 2 begins turning into the number 1; then you can move your holdings to new number 1 or maybe you would want to consider the top 10 or top 100 as the number one coin is not number one forever (everything has an expiration date). Either way you don't want to ever put in more than you are willing to loose and you shouldn't keep all your eggs in one basket. You have to follow "The Herd" and get there before they do (herd = largest market capitalization size coins). One of the ways to get there in advance is buying a coin that is in the top 10 or top 100 that (hopefully) becomes of greater value and total market capitalization.

Discontinued Scientific Formula (latest version has been not publicly released)

The Open office formatted crypto formula(s) was only discontinued; simply due to lack of funding. It seemed to be very popular; however also rather unsustainable as many want knowledge for free and your time for free to provide the knowledge. So with respect to you all, the issue of unsustainability lies amoungst the viewers of this wonderful knowledge.

Basic Formula(s):
[($_Start_BTC_Price)($_Start_AltCoin_Price)]= (x)
[(x)*($_End_AltCoin_Price)]= (y) (for AltCoin)
[($_End_BTC_Price)?(y)]= (z) (difference between the outcome for two separate paths BTC versus AltCoin)
[(z)($Start_BTC_Price)]= (w) or [(w)*100]= (p) % (better off in BTC compared to AltCoin)
[($End_BTC_Price)-($Start_BTC_Price)]= (g) (difference between the outcome for two separate paths BTC versus USD)
[(g)($Start_BTC_Price)]= (h) or [(h)*100]= (s) % (Total Loss if USD was chosen over BTC)