Are crypto-markets a bubble? Everything is a bubble...

Are the crypto-markets a giant bubble based off of what everyone is willing to pay in the near future; with respect to supply and demand? The answer to this is yes. Why? Because it was created by the human race and alien to this wonderful plant. In fact, so is fiat currency and the traditional banking system. However, it's everything. Everything has a beginning and sadly a end (which is terrible that everything does not go on forever).

So how long do you have until everything pops as a bubble. Well honestly... the human race is so ambiguous; that all of the potential pathways ahead make it improbable to calculate with 100% accuracy. I am confirming that Bitcoin (BTC) can actually pop and head to zero as Morgan Stanley illuminates (Morgan Stanley; partnered with zCash). I also agree with Warren Buffer that the crypt-markets are bubbles. However, I agree based off of the everything as we know it is a bubble logic and all good things come to an end; like the ancient Roman civilization as they knew it for example.

How long do we have until Bitcoin (BTC) pops? Honestly, it is not that simple. It's up to the consumers and what they are willing to pay for it in the near future and the duration in linear time in which they enable it to go on. Even the internet is a bubble that will end one day and the American constitution and maybe even the human race as we know it.

Bitcoin (BTC) can actually soar to $5,000,000 USD/EUR/CAD if everyone decided to stop selling it for such a low price or if they give up today, it can end badly sooner than everyone thinks. All good bubbles (everything is a bubble) must come to an end and end badly.

What if Bitcoin (BTC) dies in 2019 or 2020 (one decade after it was created)? Well... The Dow Jones may end as well and so might the global economy. Therefore, Bitcoin (BTC) might still have very extreme significant gains remaining over the next 19.99 months and the other competing crypto-markets may stay alive for 1.999 to 33.3 years!!! It all depends on how badly the traditional banking systems treat the consumers of the world and as of right now the world is creating the parallel financial system; also know as the crypto-markets. There is so much steem built up on this new market, it might actually not pop until 33.3 years from now if there are no other better alternatives available; with respect to time.

In conclusion, when the consumers stop feeding the markets (both traditional and crypto-markets) and they have something better to feed with their hard earned traditional time value mechanism (time and reward for their time via fiat). Because the consumers are setting the prices of all markets via consumption or purchase of the assets. A global depression and energy crisis is a major risk with the over-population and natural disaster issues that are arising in the near future (over the next 33 years). Therefore, the crypto-markets are likely here to stay and loom around for multiple years until everything pops. It's easy to give up and exit out of the crypto-markets in January 2019; however what if exiting is finacially like breaking the same foot 100 times over-and-over; in terms of losses. Therefore the only solution is to not place all of your eggs into one financial basket of markets. I like my icing thin and with 0 chemicals, 0 grams of sugar, and 0 grams of soy. Always keep the timeline of your alternative investments in mind and know your alternative investments better than your past alternative investments. Only with the help of God may you jump ships in a way where you won't harm any other shipmates. Let God be your light and not Lucifer.

(Updated: January 9, 2018)

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