Chemtrails are real and here is damning evidence...

I was going to write a long new article, but I want to get this out ASAP; so it's a short article. The point is this guy goes all out with mounds of evidence damning the reality that chemtrails are not only real. May God help us all... It's much worse than you could have ever imagined. Just watch his youtube video (view Youtube video here)(download a copy with URLs at base of video here) ASAP and keep your eye on him (here is his view Youtube channel of multiple videos) as he is significantly risking his life by exposing these horrid facts. This is over multiple things, but it sounds like oil and coal play a huge part by melting the ice over what was once the north pole; keep in mind the goal is to move the pole also (to melt the ice faster). Multiple nukes have been used to melt the ice also. Moving the pole sounds crazy, but ready this New York Times article (view New York Times article here). The human race has to die over coal and oil and more.



Cloud Seeding Normal Fucking Day   (no Cloud Seeding)

Also note CERN: Can accidentally destroy the entire universe.

Check out his youtube video "Anonymous - They Aren't Going to Tell You About This! (CERN ALERT MESSAGE 2017)"

WARNING: The underground powerful electro magnet is destroying the earth while studying earth.


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Description  -  Cloud Seeding  -  Grow cloud droplets and ice nuclei through chemical agents  -  Agents include silver iodide, potassium iodide

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(Updated: February 12, 2018)

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