Einsteinium (EMC2) "mind-blowing announcement to be made on December 19, 2017"!!!!!!...

Einsteinium (EMC2) "mind-blowing announcement to be made on December 19, 2017"!!!!!! Source:

This sounds like more money for all who support it *for now*!!! Maybe it will hit $9, then $99, then $369 per EMC2 or more within 36 months, if it's that mind blowing.

"The coin, referred to as EMC2, is designed to underpin a scientific research funding platform. Basically, people mine the coins and a certain percentage of the mined coins are allocated to various scientific research projects across the globe. The decision as to which projects get funding is reached by consensus, with holders of the EMC2 coins voting on a shortlist. Once the recipients are agreed upon, they receive their funding in the form of EMC2, which they can then exchange for fiat or whatever is necessary to pay the bills." Source:

"EMC2 is a non profit" Source:

(Updated: December 7, 2017)

Hold on to your horse (EMC2); while the hard fork illuminates in 3 days (on December 7-9, 2017). Update: The hard fork code has been made public and technically ready; according to this new article, and the official countdown is showing an estimated December 9, 2017 (3 days from this posting date).

Bitcoin (BTC) has been also doing very well throughout all of 2017 at 700% more valuable than all traditional global fiat (* FOR NOW *); however the coin Einsteinium (EMC2) has been about 38,000% better than Bitcoin (BTC). Einsteinium (EMC2), which is funding scientist and promoting scientific advancement via grants globally since it was first created and dispersed millions of coins already for the projects. It is also an open source coin of the Bitcoin (BTC) family! How amazing is that for an invisible coin (illuminated and visible virtually)! You can find it on the Cyptopia exchange. However, this is all in terms of performance and economic trend analysis. What's the bad news? It can shift (both up and/or down) at any moment.

Based off of the past data only - so obviously it can not predict the future 100%, it simply shows the tail end of the large comet and where it's recently been... If I had to take a guess... I would think the Bitcoin family coin, Einsteinium (EMC2), has a real solid chance * for now *. I think it can easily head up, even if it flash crash/dips down by 80% ever. I can imagine it at 3, 6, 9, or easily 12 times it's current value. However, it could also pop and never come back. But it sounds great and looks great * for now *. Whether it goes up or down, for now I fully support the idea and the coin... it simply makes more sense to me than a lot of the others.

Everything on this plant is a bubble; as everything on this planet has an expiration date. Traditional fiat will not hold the same identical value forever and ever and neither will different modern coins. They can shift at any time, but you can research them as much as possible. You seriously have to do a lot of research and not ever put all your eggs it one basket and expect the basket handles to all break at the same time and know when to shift to different baskets. Good luck will get you nowhere... Ask the one God that created everything positive and negative (100% everything) to guide you! ;-)

(Updated: December 6, 2017)

EMC2 Hard Fork Official Countdown Timer

Six days, six hours, six minutes remaining as of December 3, 2017 21:02 UTC. Very strong buy *for now* according the 2017 data. It can shift trends in the future at any time.

(Updated: December 3, 2017)

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