False Crypto market crash alert, Federal Reserve Act of 1912, & Great Depression 1836-present...

There was a time (and still is a time) when all were tricked via black magic spells of pure dark illusion. Within the center of the darkness, so deep almost none could see... there was a beacon of the brightest light of them all illuminating within the darkness and surrounded by the evil hallucinations. From the darkness, the false rumors spread like the darkness of the night at the end of day. However, the sun rose and rose again, day after day, after day, after day. In the end there was no crash, simply a falsely fueled dip that allowed all who dared to buy and buy and buy at prices only one could dream of obtaining for their portfolio. At the end of the day, there is only one thing in need; a lower entry price for all the paths that lie ahead. If on were to exit and reenter amongst the darkness of the day, there might a rise many illuminated buy options like a daydream.

In 1910 the Federal Reserve Act of 1912 was beginning to be complied via (1) Nelson Aldrich, (2) A. Piatt Andrew, (3) Henry Davison, (4) Arthur Shelton, (5) Frank Vanderlip and (6) Paul Warburg via the illegal Federal Reserve (non-government private entity) that was finalized in 1913 with a signature of American president Woodrow Wilson. However, Paul Warburg was the main source of the light. It was accelerated via the six men that met in total secrecy via the Federal Reserve Act meeting on the very secluded Jekyll Island, Georgia (extreme remote secret meeting location) between November 19, 1910 (1910-11-19) through November 29, 1910 (1910-11-29).

John Pierpont Morgan
(Born in America)
(Lived in Rome, Italy)

Financier, Banker, Art collector
: Public Domain

Junius Spencer Morgan
(Born in America)

(Earliest known Morgan relative was

American banker & financier

(Founder of J.P. Morgan)
Source: Public Domain
Hyfaidd ap Bleddri

Kind of Dyfed

(Earliest known Morgan

Mother: daughter of King
a serf or
member of Dyfed's old royal family claiming descent from Aed Brosc.


Source: CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the Kings of Wales family tree, the Owain name stems back to
Gwynedd (created:
Kingdom of Gwynedd).


Elite Jekyll Island Club House
Source: Tyler E. Bagwell

Paul M. Warburg
(Born in Germany)
(Moved to New York)
Source: Library of Congress

Otto H. Warburgh
(Lived in German)
Awarded Nobel Peace Price
Source: Warburg effect

Otto Warburg
(German Botanist)
President of Zionist Organizations)
Source: National Photo Collection, Serial# 003616, Photo Code D22-123

Extended Warburg Family:

John Pierpont Morgan was born in America, moved to Switzerland and learned German, profited off of the American Civil War selling rifles at a high price when they were in greater demand, worked in London & New York in banking,  & renamed his father's company to J.P. Morgan. His father, which he obtained a significant amount of his power/wealth from, was Junius Spencer Morgan. Using his father's family fortune, stemming back mainly to Hyfaidd ap Bleddri; which then stemmed back to the two royal families: King Owain & possibly even a serf or
member of Dyfed's old royal family claiming descent from Aed Brosc, John Pierpont Morgan later used some of the family fortune to help bail the American government with the help of the Rothschilds, via a $65 million dollar loan in gold reserves, out of a major financial crisis in 1895.

The loan in gold reserves in 1895 was the end of the deflationary great recession that began with the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, after the American Civil War ended.

However, there were so many great recessions in America back-to-back: 1836-1838; 1839-1843; 1845-1846; 1847-1848; 1853-1854; 1857-1858; 1860-1861; 1865-1867; 1869-1870; 1873-1879; 1882-1885; 1887-1888; 1890-1891; 1893-1894; 1895-1897; 1899-1900; 1902-1904; 1907-1908; 1910-1912; 1913-1914; 1918-1919; 1920-1921; 1923-1924; 1926-1927; 1929-1933; 1937-1938; 1945; 1948-1949; 1953-1954; 1957-1958; 1960-1961; 1969-1970; 1973-1975; 1980; 1981-1982; 1990-1991; 2001; & 2006-2009. I like to include: 2009-2013 (unofficial) & 2017-present.


As you can see, the problem with the economy has never actually been resolved, but mitigated from 1836-present! Yeah the official dates have gaps of air that look like short recoveries; however, look at all the freakin dates above! Anyone who tells you the economy has been in a real recovery is simply pushing false hope and false expectations.

What really killed fiat like a Nazi was the fact that many countries left the Gold Standard after it peaked during WWI. However, do not be fooled, financial institutions began ceasing gold for fiat in America as early as the American recession of 1836-1838 (known as the Panic of 1837).

In the election of 1824, John Quincy Adams did not win the popular vote (the vote of we the people) and for the firs time ever in America, stole the election of 1824 from the people's popular vote. Due to the unique occurrence in history, both John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson's (because he took office immediately after) actions should be analyzed very closely. Andrew jackson's presidential timeline was from 1829-1837. As you can see from the comment above, the recessions really lasted from most of 1836-present. Andrew Jackson was unconstitutionally placed into office in 1829 and left in 1837; which was one year after the recessions really kicked off in America. So what changed around 1936? Well, in 1834 Andrew Jackson did issue the unconstitutional Coinage Act of 1834 to congress and obtain their approval; which raised the silver-to-gold trade ratio from 15:1 to 16:1 (which was unusual, since it minted silver below the international market price). However, a more unusual action of Andrew Jackson was in 1836. when he decided to sign a significant unconstitutional executive order immediately before leaving office in 1837; which was know as the Specie Circular and carried out by president Martin Van Buren; which was president from 1837-1841. The Specie Circular was a followed out in addition to the Coinage Act of 1834 (slowly stripping away power from the people); which strangely enough forced the American people to purchase all government land in only gold and silver. So the American government began treating the freakin land that the stole from we the people that were the original Americans (Native Americans) like a rare asset from the crumbling fiat paper currency at the time, simply by having the requirement to be paid in gold or silver of the land. Land was one of the most expensive assets in this era and it simply was unconstitutional and unfair and illegal as the land was stolen. They later required property taxes to be paid; which turned all land in American into a leased agreement of land and the American government could then take the land if the owners/tenants fell behind on their property taxes even though they were supposed to own the land. that's one reason why the original Americans (native Americans) were so upset about their land being stolen from them as they all shared it. The Indian removal was an official illegal unconstitutional policy of actual genocide of the ancient indigenous original Americans that Christopher Columbus said never existed as they were already on the land he wanted to obtain in the future for the future government of America. So after the "corrupt bargain" or election of 1876, there was also a "Compromise of 1877"; which was a very intensely disputed 1876 U.S. presidential election. It sure sounds like someone stole the county from we the people during these times and kicked off multiple planned recessions to extract the wealth from the people even further.

After the planned recessions began in 1836-present, Black Tuesday; which was also known as the Wall Street Crash of 1929; marked a significant day in all of the American financial history. I wish I could simply blame J.P. Morgan only; however the multiple events are so ambiguous and secretive, that maybe we shall never know 100% of the real factors. And J.P. Morgan did meet in secret and try to save the market with his own money; however, I'm not certain what details are lacking on this topic. As WWI ended on November 11, 1918 (1918-11-11) and the stock market crash and great depression falsely erupted in vain at the end of day on September 3, 1929 (1929-09-03) and ended with America entering WWII at the end of day on December 6, 1941 (1941-12-06) as the false flag (advanced intel was ignored & perhaps more than an intentional stand down or not and it was all a real unknown attack) attack arose the next early morning. The stock market crash and great depression ended in 1933; which was after America entered WWII. It is also important to note on August 9, 1934 (1934-08-09), the American president Franklin D. Roosevelt (in office from 1933-1945) signed the illegal unconstitutional asset grab of the American people in the form of the Executive Order 6814 & on April 5, 1933 (1933-04-05) Executive Order 6102 was signed also by Roosevelt illegally and unconstitutionally; which made it unconstitutionally illegal for the American people to have Silver & also illegal to have gold coins, gold bullion, & gold certificates. It's also noteworthy to look at the list of the largest daily changes in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. So after the American government stripped away everything they could illegally from the original Americans and the newer Americans slowly year after year, they entered WWII while temporarily stopping the multiple recessions from 1836- 1941; however as the American government was in WWII from December 7, 1941to August 15, 1945, there was actually a recession throughout all of 1945. The next recession began in 1948 with inflation and so did the cold war with Russia and the Korean War began on June 25, 1950 and it never ended. There was a cease fire on July 27, 1953; however the war never ended.

As history repeats itself, ISIS (SS-part-II), false flags, nuclear war, economic collapse, & North Korean war with American is back to where it left off. North Korea said that the UN sanctions are an act of (financial) war! In 2018, North Korea has a very powerful army and very powerful nukes and warheads. The American people are at a significant risk for a false flag attack at any moment to justify a preemptive nuke strike against North Korea.

Just like the crash of 1929; which rebounded for the most part afterwards, we are now at risk of financial panics and false flags as the governments become more desperate they might come after your gold, silver, and the entire crypto markets. There is a significant risk that many may try to fool you out of your assets over the next few years as WWIII is looking more and more possible. many believe WWIII has already begun and all countries are preparing while making fun of citizens that do the same (calling them doomsday preppers). president Obama sign an illegal unconstitutional executive order that says they think they can take we the people's land even if we pay the property taxes via leased land ownership agreements as it has been since they stole the land from the original Americans (native Americans). It's only a matter of time...

What will happen to the crypto markets? They can flash crash and rebound and the governments can buy at the flash crashed low prices with fiat that they were just going to mass print anyway and inject into the economy.

Even though I have said recently (below) that the crypto markets are not currencies due to the transaction fees alone being too high for regular small daily transactions and an asset market similar to stocks, bonds, gold, & silver in the virtual form (which can shift at any time - including crash and soar again); however I do feel that the crypto markets could be used mainly for very large transactions of moving assets around globally during the time of financial panic. Meaning the rich will have large transactions via cryptos and the poor will not be able to afford the high transaction fees and fiat will still be needed for all of the small transactions; both for rich and poor.

Obviously the crypto market has both very high risks and potential rewards. You may be able to double everything and pull out the original amount that you placed in and leave in what you doubled or you might loose it all moving it around the wrong way during false flash panics or real panics. However, the truth is the entire world is too ambiguous, so we shall never know until the future and we look back at the past data.

(Updated: December 24, 2017)

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