Fukushima is still killing you...

While many people are giving themselves cancer via food and EMF Radiation (especially living within a mile of "the death towers"), they can't remember how to read nor can they remember anything about Fukushima (July 2017 update). In fact, when you walk down the streets and ask them (sir/miss/madam/gender-neutral-from-too-much-soy) "what do you think about Fukushima?" they actually state that they: don't know; don't care; don't have the time; and simply can NOT afford it. They actually then proceed to tell you to fook off. Fuk me... No Fuk you...

However, the truth is in fact Fukushima has a catastrophic ongoing contamination leak from an "multiple unknown sources" that the crew on the ground are risking their lives trying to contain. They believe it is somewhere under the facility (because gravity pulls many objects of mass downwards), then once in the ground the ground water pulls it into the ocean killing countless quantities of marine life (and humans or living organism that goes near it for too long). However, the new drone boat that was able to video the inner circle of the one chamber found multiple leaks, but there are still unknown amounts of leaks and there is too much uncertainty; ambiguous catastrophic occurrences.

The truth is it may take a 100+ years to fully complete the nuclear contamination containment at Fukushima.

(Updated: January 7, 2018)

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