How to loose $200,000.00 USD-EUR-CAD (mostly all fiat) by November, 2020 without even knowing it...

How to loose $200,000.00 USD/EUR/CAD (mostly all fiat) by November, 2020 without even knowing it? Also, why the crypto currencies are not to be used as a fiat currency mechanism...

This article may go against my previous knowledge of the crypto market and it will likely surprise you all. However, as a crypto economist since 2010, I have discovered that the crypto currencies are actually in fact not a valid mechanism for fiat nor are they a valid financial mechanism for a total fiat replacement simply due to the transaction fees alone!

World leaders and governments around the would should pay close attention to this one specific article. What I discovered can be argue common sense for advanced elite cryptologists and mathematicians; however I feel the ignorant and the poor (who simply lack the power of knowledge) will continue to fall victim to the crypto markets. I now refer to all crypto coins/coins/currencies as crypto markets instead.

So why are the crypto markets markets not currencies? When transaction fees are 0.002 BTC Bitcoin for nearly every transaction and you have 99.9 transactions per year... you are f**ked. So the entire crypto market instantly becomes a financial mechanism that not only takes more money from the poor on this wonder demonic planet, but it also enables the rich to further vacuum up all of the value as time passes into the future.

Am I way over your head? Let's break down the basic transaction fees via basic math:

(0.002 BTC * 999.9 transactions) = 2.0 BTC

That's not so bad, right? You get to make 999 transactions for only an estimated $66,600.00 USD/EUR/CAD (mostly all fiat) in November, 2018? Who cares about the future, right? That's not so bad, right? Well actually you are f**ked in the future and do not know it. If you make the 999 transactions on or before November, 2020, (over the next three years - 333 transaction per year) then the transaction fees equate to an estimated $199,900.00 USD/EUR/CAD (mostly all fiat)!

Wake up and stop doing transactions! $199,999 USD/EUR/CAD is a lot of money in 2020. That's like buying two affordable houses for $99,900 each within the next three years and then giving the two houses to the bank for free (in three years) instead of giving them to the homeless within your extended family (think about your family - do it for the kids - the children are our future - we are the change)!!!

Still not convinced that $199,900 is not a lot of money in three years? Well Bitcoin has been around since 2009 and most fiat currency lasts around 90 years before issues begin to collapse them within the structure of the traditional fiat. So no one really knows how long the crypto markets can last with the transaction fees. Traditional fiat in the paper form never had any transaction fees! Transaction fees are something more modern and more evil than you can ever imagine! Twenty years goes fast... Think about it! Think more! It is impossible to predict the value (what one is willing to pay for something in the very near future or present) of the crypto markets in twenty years from now. However, if Bitcoin (BTC) is hypothetically worth one-hundred thousand times what it's current estimated value in January 2018, then that equates to $1,999,000,000.00 USD/EUR/CAD (two billion) if the same 999 transactions were completed on or by November, 2028!

So if the crypto markets are designed for extreme saving type of accounts and not ever to be spent, then what good are they? Well... that's why I am now, as a crypto economist, referring to them as a market and not currencies. By market I mean the same way people state they wish they would have bought a certain stock on the stock market 20 years ago and how it went up, so much that they could never cash out on the stock!

(Updated: December 19, 2017)

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