Is cloud mining profitable 2018?

Place the cloud mining calculators aside... The short answer is no they are not profitable when all variables are considered; unless you have a time-machine.

Why? Because most people pay using a crypto coin and even if you pay in fiat, that is an opportunity cost forgone that you could have moved around into more profitable coins as variables naturally shift during linear time. Obviously it all depends on the actual reward after all costs are isolated from the cloud mining scenario. However, generally speaking from what I have seen, cloud mining is not an intelligent path to take and can cause you to actually loose money instead of profiting or even breaking even. It is mainly due to the opportunity costs and the fact that you could have done something more profitable than something that may or may not even reach the break-even point. The worse part about it is you can just cash out on a refund after you begin after seeing it is not profitable enough.

It is important to note that you may be able to turn a profit; however the risk is so astronomical that you are better off to choose other paths that hopefully will be more profitable via diversification. For example, you can buy some of your favorite top 100, top 50, or top 10 coins and hope for better results. The only issue is sometimes the number one coin (Bitcoin (BTC) from 2009 to present) will not likely remain number one forever. All good things must have a beginning and an end. However, Bitcoin (BTC) may still soar for years. We are living in a time where we are breaking historical records by taking part in something that has never been done before in the history of the human race that we are aware of and at this level.

(Updated: January 11, 2018)

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