Silver Trend, Morgan Stanley prediction, & Theory of Non-linear Time Value...

Silver has precisely shifted between an estimated $15.22 to $18.56 USD/EUR/CNY for 2017; which has better price stability in terms of a reduction in volatility both in fiat and in metals while be cross referenced during a trade for fiat and metals. And the 2016 price was held between $13.58 and $20.71 USD/EUR/CNY. It is very clear that the most attention (demand) is clearly within the crypto market with the massive multi-year gains on not all coins but some of the 1075+ different crypto markets/coins.

Is Morgan Stanley correct in their prediction that some large crypto coins may be worthless or will it be like the 1929 stock crash where many companies rebounded and some companies continue to soar to present day (while others went to zero)? I think we shall know the answer to this by November 19, 2019 at the very latest. And it all depends on the "Theory of Non-linear Time Value" created by: Bennn Dottk in 2017; where as values can be illuminated in a non-linear time approach. I do not want to go into details as I have mainly studied this new non-linear approach for only 2017 and documented it originally in the form of mathmatics via my Crypto Formula file (I feel via a form of part subconscious & consciously both). Also it depends on (1.) your definition of value and (2.) your duration of time in which you are inquiring.

I would like to jump back to the topic now of this new theory that I just created myself with no related research at all (it just came to me by the power of God and was illuminated via idea and then via the formula file found here for a free download (formula file has been discontinued by the creator as of January 1, 2018 after being deemed too sensitive to make available to the general public and the creator (me) didn't want to work for free building it as it was very time consuming). Not to mention, someone may have decided to sell it after the creator (me) worked to build it for free as no one cared to make any donations. I may decide to release the newest versions randomly (unless I decide to sell it privately first and then not release it ever) in the future (if someone donates a significant amount - however that is very unlikely as no one can afford any donations).

The new theory that I illuminated seemed to be so significant of an idea that it must have already have been illuminated by others older than me (respectfully to their work before my time). :-D So I did a very quick internet search search for non-linear time value or something like that and immediately found the three URLs below. So there are some other economist that have been studying the non-linear values of some sort before and in addition to me (I have not read any of their work at all yet, but discovered my theory myself in 2017 and I'm not sure what it is that they discovered before me as I have not read their work yet).

Maybe the two aren't related, but I wanted to share my ideas in-advance prior to reading their or anyone's research with a similar title to the idea that I discovered this 2017. that may seem surprising, but I have only done my own isolated research on this non-linear price valuation theory more so in my own bubble environment with only the help of God.

However, I still want to officially create my new price theory in 2017; which respect to the following work that I have not even read yet with similar titles (which may or may not be even slightly related to my ideas):

My official title of the theory I created:

"Theory of Non-linear Time Value"

created by: Bennn Dottk in 2017

How is it that I originally illuminated this new idea?

Via this formula (below) that I envision with the help of God:


(Please note: the formula file is no longer being share publicly online due to lack of donations.)

I am using it in the form of crypto coins; however it can be applied to many forms of value measurements; not limited to the crypto and fiat markets.

[($_Start_BTC_Price)($_Start_AltCoin_Price)]= (x)
[(x)*($_End_AltCoin_Price)]= (y) (for AltCoin)
[($_End_BTC_Price)?(y)]= (z) (difference between the outcome for two separate paths BTC versus AltCoin)
[(z)($Start_BTC_Price)]= (w) or [(w)*100]= (p) % (better off in BTC compared to AltCoin)
[($End_BTC_Price)-($Start_BTC_Price)]= (g) (difference between the outcome for two separate paths BTC versus USD)
[(g)($Start_BTC_Price)]= (h) or [(h)*100]= (s) % (Total Loss if USD was chosen over BTC)

(all good things come to those who wait...)
(time is ambiguous... time is non-linear...)


(Updated: December 25, 2017)

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