The world is trying to make sense out of the electronic printed fiat and crypto-markets both...

The world is trying to make sense out of the electronic printed fiat and crypto-markets both. Both electronic forms are not fair. It is very important to realize that the world financial markets are both unfair and unbalanced electronically now as they were in the beginning when they were created without the use of precious assets attached in value (i.e. coins of value used to be made of gold, silver, nickle, copper, etc.) Even the lowest value coins were simply the cheaper metals available; such as copper.

However, if you run to metals when no one is using them, you will have to wait until people in mass amounts want to use them and actually pay the value they are worth. So this may be years or hundreds of years or never (maybe the sky with be ripped apart and all shall hide in caves). Many people do not think about (most of the sheep don't care; unless you were a happy peaceful vegan cow eating chemical-free grass in the field, then the would eat you like a demon...) how digitized the fiat currency has become. They will continue to blame the crypto-market; however both are unfair and that was one of the primary reasons why the crypto-markets were created. However, there are many problems and few solutions and it all depends on your duration of time and price relative to the duration that only you have in mind in a non-linear price valuation of the assets. The End of Times was said to be market in Revelations chapter 12 with the astrological sign that has already made itself known (research it). I prefer the Lexham version as a book of historical reference points for the future that one day will come. Why is the bible true on Revelations? Simply, because the human race is in fact unsustainable as we currently know it. What goes up (world population), must come down at some point. The fall of Ancient Rome was proof of this... If you think this Revelations part of the bible or I sound incorrect or even insane, then please email me and explain why Ancient Rome finally reached it's tipping point as if well into total destruction.

Let me be very clear. My religion that I created for myself only has God above all in it and only God communicates to all of us (not a pope or church leader - to prevent accidental human error during the teaching phase). I'm not saying standard religion is all fake as a purple and black cube sitting there; however I'm saying it's about God and not the leaders (obviously unless you want to make your government or church leaders your gods). The Russian Orthodox Patriarch has provided an official warning to the entire human race. I agree with the part of his warning that states the End of Times has been marked in Revelations Chapter 12. Things are so bad right now that many of the human race are under such a powerful dark (black magic spell) vision of the human race presently that some of them are actually making fun of you while eating themselves into coma and death; while laughing at you simply for trying to save them and warn them like it says when should in the bible! No one know the exact time of the end as it can be caused by the human race and that can shift depending on how many people have to live and die and what type of positive and negative energies the humans release upon us all. Even the Catholic Pope has provided an official warning via Mark chapter 13. I think it is obvious that everything is a bubble on earth and has a set beginning and an end and no one knows when the multiple bubbles will burst. However, I don't believe that all the unsustainability is going to magically end and everything will become more sustainable. I believe it will end with the human race as we know it presently. Major change and shifts are on it's way as dark times are in the very near future.

(Updated: December 30, 2017)

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